lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

What remains

                                                                                                        Drag your lips across a lie
You know so well that you have now
Turned to a prayer
Just like any other religion
So do you have your beliefs
Leave everything to oblivion
And leave nothing but vestiges

I, too, looked at the abyss
There's uncertainty in our breaths
No one cares if you're a mess
But you can't tell if they're there looking
We knock ourselves off our feet
We can't move for a whole week
And the drugs are just masking the odor

I saw trees being cut down
And spit on my face
I see how people think
How I'm fish or I'm fly
But it's the same
They're wanting to catch you, or drown
I saw evil's sharp blades shining on a dead night
How children stay crying until they can rape us
Just like when we did so to mommy and daddy
Cause one couldn't stop beating
and the other was late

But then someone pushed me
It might've been you
I stumbled and unveiled the whole fucking truth
No, it wasn't a lie
It was just a distortion
The dead eyes of the crowd
were turned back around
The water that was boiling
and that stank shit on the freezer
I had always carried with me
I just dropped them on the ground

Some men love or hate the ego
You just have to humanize it
To face fate or become faithful
I choose to believe in seconds
And in minutes
And in days
And the old idea that maybe what I leave here
It remains

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