viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

i guess i should leave him

A bear trap
A mouse trap
A poisonous bee sting
Voodoo spells and nightmares
that haunt me at night
They're crawling and creeping
They're all coming for me
to own me, disown me
That shivering spell
that got me in shackles
Can't move
I'm his prey

I'm going, I'm leaving
I guess I should stay

I long for your hatred
Your cancerous stare
No, you don't even hate me
Don't know know that I'm there
Like your spoons need their flames
When your veins scream in purple
so my back has been aching
to feel your scratch there
Drag your nails across me
You're my cross to bear

I guess I should leave him
My fix I can't tear

If your heart could bear it
One stake we could share
But you hold to one mirror
That burns through and through
The only reflection you can see is you
Reign of holy terror that sways over all,
Why take my man like this?
Can't you see he's small?

I guess I should leave him
This feeling's too strong

When the walls are falling
And the skies have clouded
We can see our neighbors
cause they're always laughing
Devil's come 'round knocking
Won't open the door
Hopped into a sewer
Broke into a house
Swam across the ocean
With a single leg
A gun to my head
Chokeholds to my neck
Throwing up empty
This is some real shit
I lay on these tracks
cause I would die for you
But really, in turn
I'd rather live for you

I guess I should leave him
I just never learn

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